Focus Areas

We are provding disruptive yet sustainable solutions to Nigeria's biggest problems relating to Marine Logistics and Renewable Energy.


Proferring Solutions in High Risk Sectors

Credo Marine & Energy Ltd’s intelligence backed  service offerings  spans most energy markets in Nigeria, and Africa as a whole. We offer to both our local and International clients the best in terms of marine logistics and energy solutions, and we make it our mission to do that responsibly. With our operations, we are connecting Nigeria to the global energy market, and improving the standard of living of Nigerians. We also maintain a presence in the Nigerian  Marine Logistics Market in terms of vessels charter, and general vessel support.  As a new entry in the Nigerian Marine and energy market, our goal is to set a new standard with regards to Service Delivery, Innovation and Sustainability.

Marine Logistics

We offer a comprehensive array of marine logistics and support services including crew transportation, platform supply, offshore accommodation, maintenance support, standby safety services and anchor handling and mooring capabilities in both shallow and deep-water environments around the nation. In the bid to ensure excellent service delivery, we consistently employ the latest technology throughout our vessels nationwide, in anticipation of our customers’ needs. Through strategic alliances, and partnerships with various international manufacturers, we're redefining the Nigerian Marine Logistics Market.

Marine Environment Protection

Our Marine Environment Protection Division was set up to alleviate Marine litter, which is a growing international problem. There are projections that estimate that the ocean will contain one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish by 2025. 80% of marine litter worldwide comes from land-based sources, with the remaining 20% coming from ocean-based sources such as derelict fishing gear. Credo Marine & Energy is partnering with relevant Government Agencies in tackling the marine litter problem in domestic and international Waterways.

Renewable Energy

The global demand for energy and sustainable energy sources is rapidly increasing due to industrialization in emerging economies, increasing wealth in emerging markets, globalization, concerns over energy security and a heightened interest in environmentally sustainable fuels. We have an extensive experience providing a comprehensive suite of services to clients involved in the exploration, development, production and trade of conventional and new energy commodities. We provide reliable, independent support at every step of the energy value chain.