The WasteShark™ was designed by our International Partners, after one of nature’s most efficient harvesters of marine biomass, the Whale Shark.


Solving Water Pollution Problems Across Africa

At Credo Marine & Energy, we believe in the importance of cleaner waterways as a key factor in the development of any nation’s economy and standard of living. This belief has led us into partnering with RanMarine Technology, a marine solutions company based in Netherlands, to deliver the WasteShark.The WasteShark™ is designed after one of nature’s most efficient harvesters of marine biomass, the Whale Shark. Inspired by nature and blending technology, form and function, the WasteShark™ is designed to swim through water and eat its prey with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. This innovation provides a sustainable and efficient way to solve water pollution problems that plague many countries in Africa and Asia. 

Key Features and Specifications

The WasteShark™ is designed for round-the-clock waste collection. It also scans and monitors the environment, sending data back to central command.
Purpose: 16 hours a day waste collection; data collection & transmit
Waste type: plastics, micro-plastics, alien vegetation (e.g. duckweed), floating debris
Territory: trafficked water; confined space; tight angles
Steering control: remote controller or plotted
Weight: 39 kg unladen
Dimension: 1556 mm long x 1078 mm wide x 450 mm deep
Carrying capacity: 200 litres
Sensors: Depth, temperature, water quality
Data recording: Time, location and journeys



The WasteShark™ comes in two models: Class M: Manual operation: remote controlled. Class A: Autonomy Level 1: mapped by waypoints. + option for both models:
Class M+ and A+: Data enablement for environmental sensors and cloud reporting.